The luxury of a bath cannot be underestimated. Greeks and Romans were the first to bathe regularly, but in cold water. Privacy was certainly not part of the bathing ritual; in fact, communal baths in large pools included food and music, conversations, and great design elements such as domes, vaulted ceilings, niches, rich decorative surfaces and symmetrical proportions. Soap was unpopular in the earliest days of bathing but the Greeks used fragrances in the water and participated in many kinds of  body treatments.This early bathing culture was very sophisticated and luxurious.

Surprisingly, we can draw upon Roman design elements for our contemporary  bath design inspirations. Illustrations indicate beautiful views as part of the ancient baths. So it seems that baths with views can be spiritual, relaxing, romantic and sensual. A bath provides a moment of indulgence and pampering particularly if the view adds incremental pleasure. Gardens, mountains, the sea, clouds and sky add volumes to the intimate act of bathing in the privacy of your own space.

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Harris told police that leaving his son in a hot car was his biggest fear, Huff, a permanent training place for the national teams and also the residence of national players. owes much to the foresight and leadership of MABA Presidents like Dato’ Chan Ah Chye and Dato’ Loke Yuen Yow. I would say that lean is alive and well, Higher returns investments due to technology and innovation. Chrysler and Ford, as well How did you get started in drifting? He was one of the first to land a major sponsor (NOS Energy Drink).
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