I certainly do not know how to install tile. However, I do know a really good installation when I see one. I look for tight grout joints, carefully calculated and pre-planned cuts so there are no unsightly shapes in the grid and finally, in the case of ceramic tile, the use of correct trimmers. This edition of The Perfect Bath is about the very special tile pieces that are available to create an impeccable installation.

Ceramic tile is a great material for both the bath and kitchen.  It feels inherently clean; it is a great way to manage heat and moisture in the bath and spatters in the kitchen. The range of colors available is vast, enhanced by the pooling of glazes and the crackle surface inherent in translucent colors. From the many beautiful ranges of cool to warm whites, medicinally pure and clean, to the richly saturated tones inspired by nature, food, or paintings, color can be celebratory or energetic, calming, balancing or sensual.

I am a white tile person, most of the time, and I am particularly fond of simple installations with architectural details that mimic beautiful millwork. These important elements and details give a room structure, proportion and architecture. This can be achieved with repetition of different grids and the installation of standardized trimmers. For example, installing the specific piece of tile to go around a corner elevates the installation by multiples.

These pieces were developed in the early 1900’s and standardized so that no special wall construction was necessary.  Assumptions about finished wall dimensions were considered, as well the the constraints of the materials. The result is moldings with architectural and decorative merit; angles, quarter rounds and coves, stop ends, inside and outside corners, caps, architraves, bullnose and bullnose corners.

There is a uniform nomenclature that accompanies these pieces and I will try my best to elevate your tile vocabulary quotient. This inside knowledge will help you achieve the best installation of ceramic tile possible. And, impress your tile installer!

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