A splash of red immediately impacts the richness and vibrancy of a space. Dennis Kyte, architect, designer, friend, client and serial remodeler, made this point abundantly clear in his Washington, Connecticut master bath by placing two simple, yet sassy, red leather mid-century chairs at the foot of his bathtub.

This is one of my all time favorite baths, not only for the brilliant red chairs, which I love, but because it fits perfectly with the rest of the house.  It’s comfortable, casual and well planned.  The scales of the elements are well synchronized, from the height of the ceiling, to the size of the French chandelier and the warmth of the fireplace.  Of course, the doors to the patio and the stunning views over the Connecticut hills add to the ambiance.

This is a classic black and white bath using subway tile and a marble pencil liner on the walls.  All of the fixtures and fittings are from Waterworks.  The shower and watercloset are hidden behind mirrored French doors.  This is a great trick for keeping the space focused on the most decorative elements.  The personal details make this bath so very special.

If you would like to add a splash of red to your bathroom, I found two great chairs at design within reach .  The Barcelona chair and the Risom Lounge chair are the perfect size for lounging around and will work in any size space.

Dennis Kyte may be reached by email at dkyte@snet.net.

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