There is nothing more divine than  a  long soak in a fabulous bathtub that fits your body, including the contours of your back, the width of your shoulders and enough room to stretch your legs. On the more practical side, it is important to note that bathtubs are linked to drains, fastened to walls, and tiled in.  So if you don’t like yours, it is aggravating and expensive to replace it.

Your shopping expedition should include time to try out tubs that are the right style and size (wear comfortable clothes and take off your shoes ). don’t make the assumption that just because you like the way it looks that it will feel good. It is surprising, but  a tub that is too long makes you  feel like you’re drowning and one that it too short has your knees poking out of the water. Make sure you can get in and out comfortably and, I might add, safely.

There are cast iron and acrylic tubs, built-in and freestanding ones; there are whirlpools and air tubs, rectangles and ovals, big and small, corner tubs, drop-in tubs, single and double ended ones. We will address each of these characteristics over time.  Here are a few examples of some of my favorite installations so you can begin to find inspiration for your future new home or renovation.  For more information on any of these bathtubs, click here.

Images in order of appearance, courtesy of:  Robert Gurney Architects, Habitually Chic, Elle Decor, Elle Decor via Fisher Weisman, House Beautiful, personal image

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