Last week I was in Palm Beach and noticed some wonderful black and white art in the windows of empty storefronts. It turns out the sketches were created by my friend, Ray Gindroz, architect, artist, new urbanist and principal emeritus of Urban Design Associates of Pittsburgh. A little further exploration, led me to a small folio Ray created for Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach in 2007. It was fun to look at the sketches and try to find the actual sites, a bit like a scavenger hunt.

Ray, in his prolific professional career, has pioneered the development of a participatory planning process for downtowns, neighborhoods and regional plans. He specializes in revitalizing cities by transforming inner city neighborhoods and public housing projects. His goal is to attract new development by creating attractive and useful civil, commercial and residential spaces.

He is a wonderful artist/sketcher, as you can see. Ray and his lovely wife Marilyn, through their Foundation, have published these drawings in a small book called “Palm Beach, The American-Mediterranean World of Addison Mizner”.. They were “entertained” by the line of shop fronts on Worth Avenue, the beautiful arches, curving stairways and brilliantly colored tiles all built by the renowned architect Addison Mizner in the 1920’s. Empty store fronts to Addison Mizner through the eyes of Ray Gindroz, what a journey.

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