As I write this post, we are just days away from opening our showroom in London. To say the least, getting to the countdown has been challenging. The building, situated in a perfect location, was actually falling in on itself. The minute we decided to take out a wall, we knew we were in trouble– over budget and out of time. From creating a wider and more inviting stairway both up and down, repairing walls, leveling floors, installing steel beams, wiring for proper air conditioning, internet and phone, plus countless other construction details, arriving at opening day has been a long and drawn out process.

At last, we are ready to introduce ourselves to the London design and architectural community. The London space is a three-floor configuration and smaller than our usual footprint; we were challenged to redesign displays and re-think the hierarchy of the assortment. The entry level will house our plumbing wall and furnishings, the lower level display is for freestanding tubs and washstands while the top floor has been designed as the surfaces studio with lovely light, a working kitchen and work table.

The end result is an effective shopping environment, both a warm and inviting experience. We hope you will come see for yourself and visit us at 579-581 Kings Road, London, UK SW62EH. And as a bonus, there is a newly updated pub next door with very good food.


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