Once again Eric Rexrode, our Waterworks Outside Sales Consultant in Philadelphia, has kindly written this post. Thanks, Eric:
We often get requests for fittings that can be mounted on the wall above the sink. I love this idea because it’s a great solution to gain more counter space as well as to use that often forgotten vertical layer in the bathroom. The wall above the sink is most commonly used for medicine cabinets, mirrors, lighting or a small shelf. But moving your faucet to this space can create an additional design element. This is the perfect solution when there is insufficient depth to properly mount a fitting in the counter. (A counter with a stone top and undermount oval sink should be no less than 23″.)

There are many options available in different styles from modern to traditional, finishes from nickel to unlaquered brass, as well as different proportions that are appropriate for the installation. A wall mount installation makes it possible to adapt a vintage furniture piece (such as the Harewood vanity pictured below), and use classic vessel sinks (such as a carved Carrara marble bowl) that sit on the counter if the piece is too low. The opportunity to adapt an old piece of furniture is always appealing but the use of a modern piece is well suited to for a wall mount fitting.

When remodeling a bathroom, wall mounted faucets are an easy solution if you’re taking the room all the way down to the studs. This gives the plumbing installer easy access to extend the water pipes to the proper height in the wall. Everything must be mapped and measured so the height of the spout is far enough above the sink to allow room for your hands. Keep in mind that if you’re simply replacing a vanity or washstand (and not remodeling the walls) a wall mount faucet may be a more difficult installation. Your installer will have to break apart the wall (and any tile you have on it) behind the sink to get the pipes in place. A reputable plumber can tell you all you need to know about the possibility of installing a wall mount faucet in your bathroom. One last measurement tip – double check the length of the spout (from the finished wall) to make sure it will extend far enough into the sink. There’s nothing worse than completing the project and finding out the stream of water hits your counter because the spout is too short for your sink.

There are many options in both faucets and sinks to accommodate ultra modern to very traditional. Choosing a style and finish that works with the architecture and design of your home makes choosing the faucet one of the most enjoyable parts of the process. The pictures to the left highlight some of my favorites from very traditional and historic to more modern and industrial designs.

Erick Rexrode


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