It has been several years since I attended the Cersaie Ceramic Trade Fair in Bologna, Italy held each September. I find it refreshing to return after an absence as new trends become more readily obvious. This year was no exception.

Patricia Urquoiola’s patchwork designs for Mutina first introduced last year at ICFF have multiplied.  There were countless variations of the printed patterns on porcelain tiles. Also, displayed everywhere, were porcelain tiles that look like wood.  Some were shockingly realistic in much the same way that the “stone” looking porcelain tiles were a few years ago. Textures from elongated waves to pin dots appeared on the show floor in many booths.

But, after a while it all begins to look the same, so I searched for other inspiration.  There were a few visual displays that I thought interesting or charming and I have included them in this post. Most are related to personalizing your bath with some treasured possessions. They  were fun, creative and inspiring.

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