Nearly everything that goes into the bath is attached to the wall or floor. That said, you need to take the time to thoroughly evaluate  different materials and products before making any purchasing decisions. You want to confirm that the materials layer cohesively; metal next to marble, intricate mosaic patterns against the smooth expanse of ceramic tile, and luxurious textiles on beautiful white porcelain.

You also need to evaluate the functional requirements of the space on PAPER. Only when the whole space feels integrated in both its structure and infrastructure and the plan is workable should you even think about shopping.

All the groundwork must in place before making a single purchase, (discipline and restraint are good words to think about here) will you avert a budget or style crisis. Your working blueprint should be reliable so you avoid dead ends and have a realistic idea of the finished space.  Additionally, this preparation will become your guide when communicating with your contractor.

I feel like the school marm here when I write the dos and dont’s. However, years of experience and many tales of woe have led me to feel like an expert in this category.

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