Last Sunday I was on my treadmill, as I often am at 8:30am on weekends, watching Open House NYC. It is always so much fun when someone I know appears on TV. And, on January 8th Deborah Needleman, editor in chief of the WSJ Magazine and creator of the Off Duty section of the Wall Street Journal, was featured. When I first met Deborah she was the Founding Editor in Chief of Domino, the much missed youthful, lighthearted, helpful shelter magazine that made design accessible and revealed designers insider secrets.

On the TV segment she shared her lovely NYC loft and some easy decorating tips from sofas covered in washable white canvas to the strategic placement of lamps for a warm glow. Her home reflects just who she is: A stylish, sophisticated working Mother whose preference is for a relaxed and comfortable home. Her new book, THE PERFECTLY IMPERFECT HOME, takes us on a journey of how she came to appreciate the simple elements of style and how some very easy quick fixes will help brighten your house and life!

I want to add that the illustrations are charming and a welcome relief from the glossy photos that are in all new books and every magazine. This artistic format lets you use your imagination to help drive design decisions. I love the chapter on Glamifcations where she claims a bit of “fippery” is actually a necessity. She says, and I agree, that it can elevate a room into an experience. She is looking for the chic combination of simplicity and glam. That could mean the use of very decorative fabrics or a fancy decorative mirror and simple white dinner plates.

This is a delightful book that makes you believe that you can manage a room transformation without spending a King’s ransom and have lots of fun expressing yourself in the process. Deborah makes you re-think the placement of objects, the collection of family photos (often orphans hanging by themselves), and the creation of tablescapes by clustering small objects for a strong visual statement.

Enjoy the charming illustrations!

Barbara Sallick

PS. This is the last week The Perfect Bath will be published in this format (94 blogs have been posted to date). We have re-designed it for an easier format and a little more interactive participation from our readers. Hope you will like it.

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