Welcome to the newly designed site!

All told, I have written more than 90 posts for THE PERFECT BATH. Throughout this journey I have shared my travel experiences, shopping excursions, museum visits, house tours, inspiration found in unexpected places, and much more. My hope has been to engage my readers’ interest in not only the bath, but also architecture, design thinking, the creative process, and beautiful and functional personal spaces.

I always like to challenge myself while inspiring others in an open forum of design sensibilities and practices. With the redesign, I’ve attempted to improve my presentation with more heroic imagery, relevant and additional content and easier navigation. I have added some new features such as my FAVORITES (this will link you straight to products that I just can’t get enough of), BEST PRACTICES (of design and installation), and aligned the TOOL BAR for easy reference. And of course, a link to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and email. How far we all have come.

I hope you will join me in my ongoing exploration of design. I am eager to know if you like the new approach. You can always reach me at bsallick@waterworks.com and Facebook.

Please come back soon. Later today I will be posting my trends forecast for 2012.

I want to thank Dan Sallick, Paul Frick, Carlos Roig, Tim and Matt of Home Front Communications for redesigning the blog and making sure the transition was seamless. They made the process so easy.

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