The only word I can think of to describe this delightful interpretation of a sink skirt is “confection”. It is both a fanciful and imaginative way to cover the bottom of a marble slab, create some invisible storage and make a design statement. The skirt follows the shape of the top, a lovely detail, and the lace is an inspired choice as a material in this setting. While the marble feels solid and heavy, the lace is ethereal and would blow in a breeze.

The mirror is installed in a uniquely shaped niche clad in mosaic for texture. By placing it behind the sink with the marble back splash wrapping around the wall, the washstand feels as if it floats in its own space. The mirror has a decorative dark frame creating a silhouette against the mid toned wall.  The ethnic flavored sconces are hung quite low and cast a gentle wash on the wall. This is a most unusual configuration and one that is very eye-catching.

Of course, this is a design solution that is not for everyone.  I have posted it to show noteworthy inspirations in the use of unusual materials and problem solving techniques.

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