Cozy, personal and always useful, new towels are a somewhat unexpected but always welcome holiday gift. I am a big fan of white towels, preferably moderately thick. The downside: After countless trips to the washing machine they tend to look a bit dingy. While they’re still usable, it often leaves me longing for a new set or two.

While white is classic, this year color is in the air, and I am contemplating gifting myself colored bath towels. However, I have a long list of criteria I’ve been thinking through. There are so many kinds of towels: waffle, light and lovely for summer, micro fabrics, bamboo, Egyptian cotton plus others that are not part of the Waterworks assortment.

For the purpose of TPB, I want to write about the ones I know and really like from the Waterworks collection:

BENCHMARK: A 100% loom woven terry towel with a hanging loop.  At 800 gram weight, it is very heavy. A great winter weight towel. White and cream only.

CUMULUS: A very soft cloud like towel made of Egyptian, extra long staple cotton with a solid cotton dobby. This collection is available in six individually garment-dyes that yield a deep, rich palette. I especially love the Slate and Deep Navy.

TASHA: This towel is a blend of Lithuanian cotton and linen in both solids and cluster stripes. Only available in cream and toast. A sophisticated masculine or pool house choice.

GOTHAM: My favorite Waterworks towel of long looped lavishly soft and absorbent Egyptian 100% cotton. Each towel is trimmed with cotton binding; stock trims are white, cream, gray pearl and black trim.  There are 60 custom trim available for special order. Gotham towels are 625 gram weight, just perfect for me.

This and other items can be ordered through our on line store or purchased in any one of our 14 locations.

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