Though they’re used in the bath today, exposed thermostatic shower systems were originally designed for factories where precise temperatures were needed for certain manufacturing processes. Of course, these older models were not cloaked in beautiful nickel-plated covers or elegant engraving. Instead, the valves were marked with settings and the operating system was easily managed with gloved hands or even elbows.

With the reinvention of the thermostatic valve, introduced by Waterworks in 1980, it became a more dignified version of its former self with nickel or brass trim, engraved fonts for the temperature settings, and an assortment of decorative handles to turn it on and off.

Makeover aside, the thermostatic system now makes operating a shower very simple. The valve blends hot and cold water to be delivered at a set temperature, with a safety setting around at 100 degrees fahrenheit. Even if there is low water pressure in the house, the water temperature stays constant and prevents scalding. (In reality, the valve is a gauge only; the actual delivery of water is from a separate wall valve that controls the amount of water from the shower head or tub spout.)

Another marvel of modern design: Not only has a mechanical instrument been transformed into an attractive functional and decorative part of the shower, it has a built-in safety factor as well. For the user, the exposed thermostatic system makes a shower feel important.

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