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We launched Waterworks Studio in Fall 2011. The brand is an evolution of our product assortment and our continued commitment to design authenticity, quality and innovation. The design brief for Waterworks Studio was to embrace an elegant and straightforward sensibility in fittings, textiles, accessories and surfaces with deliberately edited and curated styles, colors and finishes. We wanted to make it easy to assemble a bath confidently by removing guesswork and stressful decision making from the process. The result is a stylish collection that works efficiently and beautifully–outfitting  multiple bathrooms from modern to traditional.

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Layering textures and materials is one of the most important ingredients in creating a bath that is both serene and sensuous. This bath, with its sculptural burnished tub sitting next to wood furniture, is refined, rich and timeless. The mosaic floor adds texture and a hint of color simply because of the variation inherent in the stone. The wainscot slab material has elegant, whispy veins while the paint color is gentle and brings the room together.

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Several weeks ago I published a post on a bath that had good bones but lacked a sense of style or a reflection of its’ owners personal taste. The bath pictured in today’s post was published in THE GREAT AMERICAN HOUSE by Gil Schafer and tells quite a different story. Unlike my comments previously, this bath not only has great bones and detail, but it also reflects a very sophisticated and stylish resident. Clearly, this bath is in a traditional house or apartment where the use of bead board is an appropriate material. The tall base molding with a distinct profile and a crisp chair rail confine the lower portion of the room and define the space. It is obvious that the tall window has well articulated moldings and the door has simple yet refined hardware.

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