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In 2012 Miles Redd created THE BIG BOOK OF CHIC, published by Assouline. His sophisticated and unique style is both playful and glamorous; it mixes high and low, a strong sense of color  and modern gestures. The entire text, quotes from famous artists, actors and authors, is printed in red and black large scale font. Graphically, it is an engaging format and the full page photographs in both color and black and white give the reader an insight into Miles’ very personal blend of work and fantasy.

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He was an innovative choreographer/director and now uses his creative talents to push boundaries for sophisticated and refined interiors. The Jeff Andrews signature is innovative, bold and confident. Jeff has a natural talent for taking the varied requests, occasionally outrageous, random and contrasting, from high profile clients and infusing them with warmth, sophistication, comfort and, most importantly, a sense of home. His style is plush and contemporary balanced equally with modern and vintage pieces. His palettes are monochromatic and soothing to counterbalance the often hectic lifestyles of his overly scheduled clients. The result is a pleasing blend of textures and materials that are perfectly suited to the clients’ personality, lifestyle and needs.

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