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I was honored when Phillip James Dodd (an author and expert on classical architecture and interiors) asked me to write a chapter for his new book on the subject of collaboration. He also invited 16 other architects, designers, landscape architects, vendors and artisans to contribute their views as well. It is clear that teamwork and partnership are pivotal to successfully launching any new product, building a house or developing a new way of thinking. At Waterworks, we work in cross-functional teams where the expertise of our partners, from creative design and financial planning to sourcing and purchasing, is critical to the success of a project.

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I love cement tile. An early version of it is documented in the dwellings and public buildings of Pompeii and Herculaneum; archeologists found small chards of glass or stone embedded in cement-like floors. During the Renaissance, cement floors were meant to be an intricate works of art. Interest in the material all but disappeared for centuries.  But during the late 19th century, it was rediscovered and used during the French Belle Epoque and Art Nouveau periods. It was often found in restaurants and vestibules valued for its durability and decoration. The manufacturing revival of the cement manifested itself in the form of tiles; they were easy to manufacture, install and readily available.

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