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Bathrooms are often fraught with design challenges. The space can be small and have very specific specific requirements including the grand visions of the client. I am always looking for great solutions to what seem like insurmountable challenges. Gil Schafer has two great examples in his book, The Great American House, where a window is in exactly the wrong place for the flow of the space.

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I am often asked where I find inspiration for the countless products we design at Waterworks. My first answer is always museums, although travels, architecture, books, magazines and fashion are in close pursuit. I was very excited to visit the newly renovated Yale Art Gallery where the changed and expanded spaces were inspirational and the art and decorative arts look remarkable in their new homes. And, last weekend we decided to go Dia: Beacon, Riggio Galleries in Beacon, New York, a short distance from where we live, to see some eye popping contemporary art.

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Palm Beach was an exotic wilderness with only one building and a lighthouse until about 1870. Around that time a handful of settlers constructed rudimentary housing with thatched roofs (great for keeping out the rain but attractive to flies, lizards spiders etc). The first settlements were along the shores of Lake Worth because the oceanfront was hostile territory. At the time there were no roads, stores, doctors, teachers or commerce.

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