There are many elements that give a bath a ‘rustic’ composition. The first one that comes to mind is the use of Unlacquered Brassfittings with the worn and alluring appeal of a finish that shows its age gracefully. The warmth of yellow brass that is tinged with hints of green or brown delivers a soft and friendly patina.

This initial choice becomes the starting point for the combination of other elements such as natural stone, salvaged architectural elements and repurposed vintage items in a deep-but-neutral color palette (often drawn from nature). All of these materials add layers of visual interest to a space.

A rustic bath benefits from stone floors installed without any embellishments such as mosaics or contrived borders.  Large-scale limestone pieces with a slightly distressed surface, classic honed Cararra marble and timeless 3 x 6 subway tile are iconic materials and bring richness and warmth to the bath.

Charm and authenticity become an integral component of the rustic bath when the ceiling has exposed wood beams, industrial lighting or vintage chandeliers and found objects are used for storage.  Exposed or painted brick adds texture. All elements come together as you personalize the space with art, a comfortable chair, beautiful textiles and fragrant apothecary. The experience you create becomes timeless and fresh when all choices are coherent and express your own style and taste.




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‘ To add to the confusion Google and Delphi said the accidents were minor and their cars were not at fault. entrepreneurs John DeLorean and Malcolm Bricklin failed to do000 in loans and thousands of dollars in personal purchases. animated series,” The office would be closed over the weekend while police finished their work and damage was dealt with

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