From the Paris Metro to school bathrooms, public buildings, restaurants, and countless baths, the standard white 3X6 subway tile installed in a familiar, repetitive staggered brick pattern is classic and timeless. It is comfortable and friendly, and such a composition that emphasizes the horizontal lines in a room is an excellent basic format. You simply cannot make a mistake with white subway tile.

Even better, 3X6 tile is also a chameleon. Since the cost of a 3X6 can be very modest, a little creativity can transform a backsplash, bath or shower wall, laundry or fireplace. It can easily look very different depending on the chosen grout color (white, gray or black), or when less familiar patterns are used.

Just look around you. I’ve discovered inspiration for unusual rectangular tile arrangements in garden paths and brick walls, large and small-scale buildings, fireplaces, chimneys, and pattern books. They range from herringbone to basket weave (with a few cuts necessary), or Flemish bond, as well as stacked (both vertical and horizontal) and diagonal repeating patterns. The next time you plan to redo a bath or backsplash and want to use 3X6 tile, consider installing one of these creative patterns.


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