After nearly a week of looking after my 3 young grandchildren, I needed some quiet time. The best place for me to find it is hiking the well marked trails in Steep Rock Park. It was a picture perfect day with bright blue skies, a temperate 71 degrees with a light breeze. Of course, this is also the most wonderful time of year to be in the woods as the wild flowers are in bloom, the leaves are a bright new green. Our favorite path is the one that follows the Shepaug River full and rushing after some torrential rains.  My iPhone photos can only give you a sense of why I love the place so much.

The unmarked park is located just outside the village of Washington Depot, CT about 40 minutes from where I live. If you feel ambitious and don’t mind hills,  you can find the old quarry on the property. Rarely do we see anyone on the trails, although on Monday we chatted with a very well dressed fly fisherman on his way to his secluded spot on the river to fish for trout. He carried a gorgeous pole, had on a super spiffy pair of waders with and a cool vest with flies neatly placed in a special pocket on his jacket.  He said the fishing in the river is great.

There is no better way to celebrate the beginning of summer. Inspiration with nearly every step.

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