Brooke and Steve Gianetti, designer and architect respectively, have just written the book PATINA STYLE. If you follow Brooke’s blog, VELVET AND LINEN, you have probably read about the countless book signings held in beautiful shops and homes to celebrate the publication of this book. I wish I had been able to attend at least one to hear Brooke speak about her inspiration for a style that is distinctly theirs inspired by found objects displayed collectively, that make a home resonate with memories and meaning.

The Gianetti’s are a rapidly growing family of five with countless activities to juggle, a yard full of chickens to manage and a lovely garden to tend. They visit antiques shops where ever they go and, to my envy, the Rose Bowl flea market regularly. At each stop they manage to photograph and record lovely objects in rough wood, rich leather worn with time and industrial artifacts. Their palette is soft, warm and neutral and their paint selections are about transparency and luminescence. The interiors they create are always serene. It is because they buy only what they love and nothing is too precious.

I was interested in the way the Gianetti’s treat bathrooms. They embellish them with art, antiques, rugs and warm textures. They think the bath should be decorated just like any other room in the house with the tub acting as a piece of furniture. A vintage cabinet can be repurposed as a vanity or a storage closet and a chair is a necessity for having a conversation or painting toes. Brooke says, as I often do as well, the paint color must be flattering. So glad we agree on all of the best practices for a space that should be calming and very personal.

This is a charming book with great photographs and many helpful ideas.

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