Among the many discouraging aspects of the transition from summer to fall, dismantling my outdoor shower has the greatest impact on my daily routine.  Starting in early April, I study the forecast for low temperatures each night.  As soon as I am convinced the lows will no longer drop below freezing, I turn on the water, screw in the shower head, and re-install the valve. After re-assembling a fresh assortment of shampoo, soap, razor, shaving cream, and mirror, I proceed to take every single shower outdoors, until about now when I once again start to worry about cold nights freezing the exposed pipes of my special place.  Rain or shine, hot or cold, once I am in the water, the weather has no bearing on the experience.

My master bedroom is on the ground floor of my house, with my master bath having French doors that open to a patio where around the corner and down two steps is a perfect little space for my outdoor shower.  Screened by a large Magnolia, a few Hydrangeas, a big Budlea, and some grasses, my “stall” does not require any man made screening.  In fact, the simplicity of the experience, along with the ever changing backdrop as the season evolves, is a big part of the appeal.

I often hear people tell me how much they love the outdoor shower at a summer house they visited.  That was how I too first found the daily pleasure.  For me, it was an easy and obvious leap to take home a Waterworks Highgate exposed shower system and literally attach it to the side of my house, one that I can’t believe everyone does not do!  Why not make your primary home more like a resort with this easy little addition.

Peter Sallick

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