On January 26th I shared some of my photos of materials that we gathered in preparation for the publication of our HERITAGE BOOK. As I said at that time, we wanted our clients to understand our commitment to the authenticity of our designs and the innovation and quality of our products.

Several weeks later, I am delighted to report the book is complete. The print production process is as interesting as the materials we assembled. It’s quite different from the processes we use in manufacturing handmade tile or fittings, but the quality and care applied is much the same. Starting with the presses, imported from Germany and running about 150 feet long, they require three pressman supervising at all times. In addition to being gigantic, these machines are state-of-the-art in the industry and computer-automated. But, the quality of the finished product from the depth and clarity of the color to the page placement and final assembly is the result of human judgment and a final approval by Waterworks. Only highly skilled and well trained craftsman are able to create the quality product you expect from everything we do.

It takes approximately 14 hours on press to create a book of 20 pages, a full-day for drying, and 7-9 days for what is called post-production and includes gold foil-stamping the cover, scoring, trimming, assembling and binding the final book. And now, four months after the presentation of initial concepts, we are happy to reveal our latest initiative.

We are guided by our heritage. We believe that our products are visually inspiring, from classical forms to modernist lines. We are committed to a high level of authenticity and solid materiality that are intrinsic to luxury. Our products are sophisticated and refined. Ultimately, our designs are timeless and only improve with age.

The bath experience has to be one of relaxation, serenity. A successful space lies in the the layering of exquisite palettes, inviting textures and soft fragrances. It lies in details and nuances with impeccable quality. We are eager to share our HERITAGE BOOK with you so that you can see for yourself how we are influenced by design history and how our partnership with our clients results in a bath that exceeds their expectations.

You may request a copy from jaltland@waterworks.com and one will be mailed to you in about a week. I know you will share my passion for our heritage!


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