Many of the shelter magazines have been writing about mid-century modern for the past couple of years. The current issues forecast an interest in a new topic— COLOR.  From hot pink to parrot green, color is on every cover and in every room from dining chairs in red and yellow to indigo bed covers and pink headboards. I am trying to decide if this really a trend or a spring fling. Certainly, the home furnishings industry is taking some of its cues from the splashy summer fashions.

In Moroccan culture, color is embraced as a source of visual stimulation and happiness.  The color story is evident from the moment you fly into Marrakech; pink and light terra cotta buildings, bright colored and patterned tiles, electric blue doorways, tinted walls, dramatic carpets in reds and saffrons.  Warm rich colors are mixed harmoniously in abundance for a rich and lively environment.

So far, I have not seen the same color trends migrating to the bath.  And, there is good reason for this.  Almost everything in the bath is attached to the wall or floor; it is both difficult and expensive to change a fixture that you no longer like. This leads me to some recommendations for selecting fittings,  fixtures and surfaces for the bath. The ones I love the most are simple and refined. The beauty of natural colors and materials are timeless and modern and forever appealing.

Color can come in the form art, sculpture, or wallpaper. Color can be the momentary visitor in the bath with the addition of bright colored towels changed seasonally, wall paint changed at will, decorative rugs or accessories. In a space as small as the bath, bold color becomes the dominant focus in the overall design. It has been said that choosing a color is an emotional undertaking. Follow your instincts, remember that bold colors emphasize the smallness of a room but can provide a spectacular backdrop.

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