I’ll probably write about white often because it’s a color so indelibly linked to the bath. It speaks of something intangibly clean while providing unique psychological comfort in a room designed to whisk away dirt.

White should be treated as a color as opposed to the absence of color. It has incredible range and depth. It can run the spectrum from stark to lush, cool to warm, dense to sheer, and hard to soft. The nuances can be so subtle but so satisfying. White is admirably versatile. Using white successfully relies on the subtle mixing and matching of different shades. Darker hues on walls and lighter shades on the ceiling, chalky tone foe the fabrics and wood trim painted in a glossy finish. The various textures stops everything from blending together and adds interest.

The fixtures in the bath; the sink, the water closet, and the tub are going to be different shades of white and you have to accept that. The porcelain items are often glazed and fired at different times and result in blended whites, not exact matches. Most likely, the bathtub is made of either acrylic or cast iron. Each white has its own dimension and depth causing the light to bounce off of each casting different shadows.

None of this will matter as you layer materials; stone, tile, mirror, metal, textiles and personal items. The result, always dependent on natural or ambient light, should be soothing, luxurious and tonal. Remember that white is a liberating color and its most fantastic property is that it magnifies the effect of natural light bouncing it back into the space.

White is timeless and classic and always stylish. It is never trendy and allows for the seamless blending of beautiful objects both modern and traditional and creates harmony in a space. An all white space is most effective when whites tones compliment each other and the result is crisp, clean and airy. The space will never feel dated.

To paraphrase Caroline Clifton-Mogg, white is a very co-operative color.


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