Waterworks and Shelton, Mindel & Associates have collaborated for more than a decade defining a new modern vocabulary for delivering water. Attention to detail, discreet simplicity and technical advances define the designs from .25 with its graceful quarter radii to Opus with its spare and cerebral elegance and finally Formwork, the last design in the trilogy.

Formwork is a curatorial exercise in reductive thinking.  The result is a group of functional objects where simplicity, beauty and poetry reside compatibly. This collaborative effort has given Waterworks and SMA the opportunity to re-imagine the relationships between space and scale in much the same way the architects think about space and volume for an interior.

The point of departure for the structure of the project was to transform materials in to new artful expressions while creating a harmonious synthesis between form and function for the delivery of water.  In Formwork, geometry and planes transition effortlessly to pure forms. The faucet handles resemble dials and joysticks to deliver water and create interactions that are kinder and gentler..

The molded glass washstand set on top of a skeletal base is barely there. Complimenting the fittings assortment is a small group of textured stone and towels.

As a collection, all three lines created with SMA are related and a continuation from one to another. Each embodies the desire to express simplicity, humanity, functionality and elegance.

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