Leslie Zemeckis, actor, filmmaker, author and burlesque authority, called Jessica LaGrange of Chicago out of the blue and asked her to come look at her apartment in a classic 1920s building on Lakeshore Drive. Leslie’s book, Behind the Burly Q, is about the history of burlesque in America, and she is familiar with the strippers, musicians and other members of the “burly circuit.” With this in mind, Jessica did not know quite what to expect.

Jessica and project architect, David Huggins of Dayton, Ohio, were delighted by Leslie’s enthusiasm in her desire to retain the spirit of the original architectural details and decoration of the building. The mission was to create a bathroom that might resemble the ones originally installed and to accurately reflect the style of a 1920s bath. David said there were many details to work out architecturally from arranging tile panels to fit perfectly in specific spaces, expanding  into an adjacent closet to accommodate Leslie’s vanity and making space for a good size bathtub for her long soaks.

The interior design reflects the glamour of vintage Regency Hollywood: lacquered furniture, multiple mirrors and purple as a recurring palette. The end result is a great bath that provides a comfortable place for her collection of Art Deco furniture and burlesque memorabilia.

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