On a recent day in New York, I carved out time for what I call “sightseeing.” The Cooper Hewitt always has remarkable new exhibits, and when there, l love to revisit the decorative arts collections of the Hewitt sisters. If you are tech inclined, this is is definitely the place to go. Admittedly, I take the more conventional (old-fashioned) approach to gallery exhibits, which is to read the descriptions and take photos as opposed to trying to manipulate and play with the screens.

Thom Brown’s silver room was stunning–in fact, captivating! His design premise was the connectivity between reflective surfaces and contouring shapes. Multiple pairs of traditional men’s shoes painted sliver set upon an anodized floor and aluminum walls hung with mirrors of all sizes and shapes from many decorative periods are all timeless in their function. This may sound like a fun house at Halloween, but it was a remarkable pairing of elements. It was imaginative and really creative.

Also high on my list of must-see exhibitions was the Agnes Martin retrospective at the Guggenheim, the remarkable Frank Lloyd Wright-designed museum on upper Fifth Avenue. I love Agnes Martin paintings, and these 100 pictures represent her work from the earliest Arthur Dove-inspired paintings to the well-known meditative and serene works of her later years. Spread out over six floors, there was a lot to see and I was very captivated by the small drawings. To appreciate them, you had to get up close to see her hand and mind at work; pencil, straight lines, meticulous planning and soft watercolor washes.

I love museums and use them as a source of inspiration; I look at color, form and thought processes, and bank that information for any one of the many products we create.

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