A friend recently told me to run, not walk, to the Museum of Modern Art  in New York to see the Henri Matisse Cut-Outs exhibition. It was on my agenda, but there always seemed to be other priorities. I stopped making excuses and finally took the time to see the exhibit complete with its audio component.  It was spectacular!!

This is the most comprehensive exhibition of Matisse’s innovative work with paper and scissors created during the last decade of his life. It is vibrant and luminous. Cut paper was a radically new form for the artist who was forced to give up painting in the 40s due to an illness that kept him bedridden. His brilliant shapes along with his celebration of color offered revolutionary solutions. With scissors and paper pre-colored to shades he had prepared, he solved problems of harmony in line and form, structure, contours and space.

The shapes, from botanical to abstract, of the paper cut-outs allowed him to draw in color and create incredibly lively and precise compositions that range from small to wall size. His work was unrelated to anything that had come before–a completely new approach. Matisse, who had already mastered both sculpture and painting, used the technique of a sculptor and literally carved  blocks of pure color in paper.

I, too, urge you to run to MoMA to see the incredible culmination of a brilliant artist’s career.


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