We often find ourselves laughing at retro baths. Anywhere from the 20s through the 50s, the color trends seem shockingly bright with extreme contrasts. It is said that bathroom decoration reflected prevailing fashion in interior decoration and the manufacturers provided fixtures that would fit in with other rooms in the house. (This is the same conversation that we are having today.)

Additionally, the baths then were very small regardless of the size of the family. Small is not necessarily a bad thing as long as there is efficiency built in to the design, especially when several family members are sharing the space.

If you can manage to look past the bubble gum pink and minty green surfaces, however, there are some surprisingly good design inspirations from these spaces. Here are a few to consider:

  • A niche in the tub or shower wall keeps all bathing amenities together
  • Contrasting baseboards are good decorative elements
  • A simple stick liner in either contrasting or tonal colors defines the space
  • Shaped tiles on the floor offer a pattern change in a space where the colors are the same
  • A pattern floor creates a nice contrast in an all-white space
  • Double pedestals look great on a long wall (don’t forget to design in storage)
  • Pedestal sinks with metal legs and built-in towel bars are decorative and practical
  • Use a decorative shelf over a pedestal sink
  • Medicine cabinets are a must for keeping a space tidy
  • An arched opening for the tub or shower adds architecture
  • Dark grout accentuates a grid and looks great with black accents
  • Knee walls create zones in the bath and add a bit of privacy
  • Use of the correct technical tiles makes the installation of ceramic tile more professional


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