A great way to express your personal style and taste is to bring decorative items into the bath. One of the more unique ways to accomplish this is to repurpose an old or vintage piece of furniture into a vanity, especially for the powder room where such details are showcased beautifully. As any antiques shopper will tell you, the objective is to find a piece that looks great but doesn’t cost a lot.

To best transition into the bath, you will need a piece that can be easily adapted to accept a sink and faucet and probably a new top. Also make sure the height can be adjusted without destroying the proportions.

These kinds of special pieces can be found, especially when you put on your Sherlock Holmes hat, at one of the many multi-dealer shops where as many as 100 dealers rent small booths to display their treasures. Occasionally on these adventures, I come up empty handed. But usually I can identity a piece or two that is the perfect substitute for a standard built or showroom purchased piece, but also fits in well with the bath’s more newly crafted furnishings.

Remember: Character, decoration, fun, and surprise are just some of the visuals to think about as you search for your next bath vanity.

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