There is so much to like about this bath. The sink is installed on beautifully shaped metal legs with integral towel bars instead of the usual pedestal. This gives the ceramic basin a lightness that is proportionate for the narrow space. The mirrored back wall adds depth which appears to increase the size of the room. Natural light is a huge bonus and the tailored Roman shade is just the right treatment for the door; a linen fabric with a narrow stripe accentuates the verticality of the room. Brass shelves are an inspired touch, adding the idea of mixed finishes. They are practical as well, providing a place to display beautiful collections of objects and storage for elegant monogrammed towels.

There is a misconception that dark walls make a space feel smaller. I think this bath benefits from the rich color on the walls and the even darker trim. There is the drama factor  and a bit of a surprise. The light colored basket weave floor enclosed inside of a dark border ties the floor to the trim, the sink and the towels.. The pattern on the floor adds texture to the space especially with the small black dot.

The details in this bath are well thought out and executed flawlessly, an equation that has created this beautiful powder room.

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