JILL LITNER KAPLAN of Boston, my guest blogger today, has been in the world of design for the past 20 years. An experienced professional, she has an exquisite eye for design, an understanding of client preferences, and a hands on style for managing her projects. I think you’ll love her Repose glass bath for two lucky little girls.



My love affair with Waterworks Repose glass tile officially began almost 7 years ago, when I first laid eyes on the ripe shade of lily, and blanketed the walls of my clients’ 4 year old girl’s bathroom in it. Refreshing, crisp and timeless, it provided a major punch of personality to an otherwise small and unremarkable space. The 2nd time I used Repose tile was for a baby boys’ bathroom, and for that I chose a delightful shade of blue, fittingly called “tranquility”. What I loved about it was the fact that, despite being a very sophisticated hand made material, the tile would always look right regardless of the boy’s age, carrying him straight from the nursery well into his teenage years.

This time, I was designing a bathroom to be shared by 2 sisters, ages 10 and 8, whose new rooms would reflect their respective passion for shades of turquoise, avocado and lime green. Once again, I turned to Repose, only this time, decided that it was time to   attempt something new and more challenging: a custom blended formula made up of 60% bliss repose and 40% cucumber in a 1”x6” horizontal staggered subway tile format. As if that were not enough, when I saw how spectacular the bliss and cucumber samples looked against the Phuze glass samples in mystique, I set out to incorporate them into our bathroom design. In order to do so, I decided that we had to use a uniform size, 1”x6”, and laid it all out in a staggered pattern against the walls. When the Repose tile arrived on the job site in carefully wrapped boxes, we gingerly removed the sheets of glass and laid them out on the floor prior to applying them on the wall. After days of hand assorting the sheets to achieve the perfect balance of color and texture throughout the bathroom, they were installed on the wall. Our next task was to hand select individual Repose tiles for  removal, only to be replaced with the horizontally striped Phuze glass, and ensure that it was distributed throughout the 2 spaces. The final result was stunning—a shower stall and bathtub surround drenched in rich shades of turquoise and green, punctuated by the reverse stripe pattern of the phuze glass tiles. Softly illuminated by a Gibbs Pendant, it is a bathroom that delights the senses and the imagination, and what started out as an idea became a reality, thanks to the collective tenacity of the Waterworks and Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors teams.

By Jill Litner Kaplan of Jill Litner Kaplan Interiors

West Newton, Massachusetts

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