Several months ago I received a very small and precious book as a gift. It was the collaborative work of the design firm McAlpine Tankersley Architecture. Photographed in black and white, poetic and thoughtful, the book is a testament to their love of creating homes. The spirit of the firm is to build houses with references to the past and a nod to the future. Following is a post from Greg Tankersley:

One of the greatest things we’ve learned in our years of designing houses is that everyone yearns to find a place in this world that their heart recognizes; a place they can name “home”. A completion of the soul and spirit seems to occur when such a sanctuary is finally discovered, mined and inhabited.

Helping others create this outer view of their inner self is a key part of our practice. After all, the art of designing residences is so much more than an orchestration of rooms, functions and daily life.  It transcends this mundane exercise when it touches something deeper.  That’s where architecture meets poetry; this juncture is the main treatise of our book The Home Within Us.  The book, published in 2010, documents twenty-five persons, landscapes, morals, egos and lives that showed up on our doorsteps asking us for directions.  These invitations resulted in expounded exercises of home, communion, friendship, discovery, revelation, folly, gladness, romance, glamor, titillation, harborage, naïvete and humility – all qualities we find attractive (and, un-coincidentally, are chapters in the book). We’ve striven to anthropomorphize these values and we continue the journey distilling our work down to its perfectly sequenced, timed and flavored delivery.  That’s where truth is ultimately found.

The Home Within Us is a cookbook (of sorts) and it certainly had many sous chefs.  Our four offices (fluent in both architecture and interiors) are compromised of many talented minds and hands, whose tireless work over the years resulted in the work within the pages.  The images were composed and captured by the brilliant photographer Mick Hales, a gentle English soul who has become a dear, quiet friend over the years.  As for a co-author to wrangle, tame and edit Bobby’s thoughts, our publisher was wise to pair him up with Susan Sully.  Susan, an accomplished Southern author in her own right proved herself a perfect accompanist to Bobby.  She knew just the right tune to play to make Bobby sound like a practiced tenor.  Book designer Doug Turshen took the entire basket of goods and arranged it into something seamless and graceful. The book, published by the fine folks at Rizzoli, is now in its fourth printing.

We hope you enjoy a few of our deeds.  There are hundreds more to be shared and each one has a unique story.  Our next book is due to be published in 2015.

McAlpine Tankersley Architecture
501 Cloverdale Road, Suite 201
Montgomery, AL 36106

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