Exposed tub fillers were all but lost for a time, except for the modest devices used in rusting footed tubs. Their scale was very small and they delivered a minimal amount of water, usually with broken white porcelain handles. Times have changed!

Today, there are many styles of such fittings — some with hand showers, some without; in brass, nickel, or other custom finishes; with levers or cross handles; on free-standing legs or wall mounted. Exposed tub fillers can be traditional or modern, casual or formal, large or small scale, and always timeless and refined. They are now very stylish and decorative, and often the handles match those used for the lavatory and shower fittings. The scale is more appropriate for larger tubs, as they are engineered to fill at a rate commensurate with an oversized design.

In fact, exposed tub fillers are positively sculptural — a great example of beautiful form and great function.

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