This year has flown by! It was January and now, in a matter of minutes, we are preparing for the holidays again.  Like many of you, I had planned a few updates to my guest bath and now I am scrambling to get them done before Thanksgiving. Most of my changes are stylistic and I can do them myself.  However, I will probably have to beg (or bribe) the contractor to get here before the family arrives. Here are some of my “quick” fixes:

  • A thorough scrubbing from the tile to the fixtures and, most especially, the medicine cabinet
  • Hang a fresh, new shower curtain (linen is my favorite)
  • One coat of paint to the ceiling and walls (better call the contractor.  I am too messy)
  • Buy two sets of new towels
  • Get a new bath mat or rug
  • Find a new tissue box cover
  • Hunt for a vintage tray for a new soap dish and fragrant soap
  • Select and install a pair of lights for either side of the mirror (here is where the trouble starts)
  • Hang a print on the wall over the towel bar
  • Two hooks behind the door will probably be appreciated
  • Finally hang the much needed towel bar by the sink.

At second glance, my list looks a bit ambitious. But I got a good start this past weekend with the first round of cleaning. The tile looks great and the act of scrubbing was therapeutic. On to the fun part–shopping!

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