While many of you know that white is my favorite color for the bath, I am inspired by all colors and use my photos to help me define palettes for tiles, towels and countless other objects. Colorful inspiration is all around, all the time. It is only when we take the time to record our surroundings that we begin to realize how influenced we are by our environment.

We had a short trip to Napa at the end of October. It was just past the harvest, so my plan to photograph large bunches of juicy grapes on the vine was not realistic. But that inspired me to look for other color vignettes in the area, and the photo ops were terrific!

We all know that color can transform a space; it can bring energy and emotion to any room. While I am not totally convinced that color is making a huge comeback (like wallpaper), small amounts of the RIGHT color can warm a room, make it feel alive and add just the right amount of texture.

Getting the colors right and employing just the right amount of color based on the natural and ambient light in a room is often an intuitive gesture. It also requires some knowledge of how colors work together to create harmonious tones for just the right atmosphere in the bath or any room. Any light that flows into the space will make a difference in how color is perceived, even white.

Color is a luxury. It can be powerful or passionate, subtle and soft. A great space can be defined by a well balanced color scheme that will create an inviting, comfortable room where spirits and good health are revived.

When you view my photos, you can begin to imagine contrast as it might appear in a room. From chickens and sheep to fruit, food and luxurious landscapes – my inspiration from nature of high and low contrast and subtle shifts in tones provides context for the way colors work together.

It is only paint and easy to cover if your choices don’t seem appropriate. Give yourself permission to experiment!!

bsallick@waterworks.com or find me on Facebook

Waterworks on Facebook


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