I have written about black and white bathrooms before. But as I continue to see more well designed baths using this restrained formula, I decided to revisit the topic. A black and white color scheme has the potential of creating a minimalist or stark interior. A myopic view could see this scheme to as too contemporary or limiting.  I like to think of black and white as refined and restrained, orderly and liberating. The decisions made when creating a black and white bath are very deliberate.  The varying shades of both colors help create a timeless space but too much of either color will create an unbalanced room. This clean aesthetic demands the uncluttering of counters and a general tidy approach (although I believe that all baths should be neat for the best functionality).

Above all, bathrooms must be comfortable because they are a space for relaxation. Celerie Kemble believes that a black and white scheme is a shortcut to creating a mood in places that don’t allow for lots of extras to create an ambience. Here is where the materials that you select can make or break the space. For example, beautiful hand-made white tile with just a little surface undulation and crackle finish will give the walls depth and texture. The glossy finish will provide a reflective surface when the lights are on and give the room some depth. A black and white marble basketweave floor is an anchor for the space. But, it is the layering of black and white, textures and finishes that give the bath a multilayered sophisticated affect .  Done well, the space will feel elevated as it evolves over time with the addition of personal objects and art.

Just to be clear, there are many variations on the white and black theme from cream to gray and silver; natural and ambient light in the room helps dictate the right shades. The contrast can create geometries and architectural detail where there is none. This is true in fashion as well. On December 13th in the WSJ article on black and white headlined with “this stark color scheme can be anything but boring”. They went on to describe spring collections in b & w as something both classic and cutting edge. The “conundrum is how to make the combination look fresh”. In fashion, there is the opportunity for a great accessory but the same is true for decoration. B & w gives the designer a lot of freedom to add a splash of color, some great art in a room that essentially feels clean and elegant.

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