The perfect way to start the day (after exercising, of course) is in a shower with fabulous stream of hot water pouring over your body, eyes closed, and the fragrance of aromatic soaps permeating the shower box. How dreamy, especially if you have a large shower with a place for your amenities.

It’s easy to imagine yourself in the one of the many oversized showers pictured here. But whether big or small, a shower can be great if the valves are easy to operate, the water is just the right temperature and the surface materials are especially beautiful.

Here is my formula for what makes a shower really good: First is the water velocity from the shower head. Your personal preferences determine the spray pattern, from a gentle drizzle to a pounding stream, but your home’s water pressure determines the actual strength of water from your shower head. Next is water temperature — I find 100 degrees perfect for summer or winter. To assure a consistent water temperature, I highly recommend a thermostatic shower valve where you set the temperature and turn the hand valve, so the water always feels the same.

Other amenities, such as body showers and steam units, perhaps music and definitely a seat, are useful additions. And a hand shower is a really good investment for rinsing your hair or cleaning the shower. There are two other things that make showers, big or small, fabulous. The first is the materials you select. You are so close to the shower’s surface that you must truly love your choice, whether it’s stone, tile, glass, cement or porcelain. Of course, it must be laid with precision so you are not obsessing about grout color, thickness of the grout joint, color variation or vein structure.

It truly is a surefire formula, so even the tiniest shower will be relaxing and refreshing.

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