Wall-mounted and freestanding accessories are the final choices to be made when completing a bath. These important functional elements often are left out of the original quote — you think you’ll get back to the showroom and select them later, but it doesn’t quite happen. That means that random last-minute selections are made without completely thinking them through, and suddenly those fabulous new towels have no place go other than the floor.

I suggest determining exactly where to place wall-mounted accessories during the planning stage. Bath towels need a long bar near the shower or tub. The sink area needs at least one, if not two, 18-inch hand towel bars, or perhaps a towel ring if space is really tight. A paper holder is a must — is your preference for a simple swing-arm slide, the roll-on type, or a two-arm style with an expansion roller? Make certain everything is in a convenient place, neither too far forward or too far behind the toilet.

Even if you have a vanity, installing a shelf is a practical place for decorative bottles or ritual products, and helps keep the counter uncluttered – and it’s a must if you install a pedestal sink. I find it the logical solution for toothbrushes and a clock.

Hooks are practical for robes, pajamas and extra towels. Typically they’re placed on the back of a door, but I also love hanging three hooks in a row on a wall so that towels, hung on their loops, look like flags. This is also a great way to get some color in the bath. Heated towel warmers are a great luxury – after all, there is nothing like a warm towel on a cold winter morning.

Freestanding accessories are the final purchases. Of course, a wastebasket is a must but so are containers and small trays. The material can be anything from cement to crystal, resin to onyx. I am particularly fond of engine-turned metals. They can be traditional or modern, and are a great complement to many surfaces in the bath.

My advice: Put accessories high on your shopping list and select them with as much thought and consideration as your faucet.

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