We have been completely immersed in color with the relaunch of our favorite handmade ceramic tile line, Architectonics. After years of focusing on many shades of white, we wanted to bring color back into bath and kitchen design. For inspiration we looked at travel photos, fashion, our favorite richly illustrated books, our closets, and an old standby, the color wheel.

It took months and countless iterations of color development to get just the right shades and tones so that each tile had a synergistic tonal friend. The result is 123 colors, from light neutrals to rich, deep, and brightly saturated hues.

Your choice of color tells a story about your style. Combinations of warm colors send an energetic, outgoing and active message, while cool colors are more restrained, reserved and calm. The most wonderful thing about color is that there is never a right or wrong combination. A personal affinity for certain colors that one associates with childhood memories, a favorite trip or an event makes those choices meaningful.

There are a few very special things to remember about color on tile:

1. One piece of tile does not tell an entire story. Only when all of the tiles (especially handmade tiles) are brought together on a wall or floor does the material reveal its beauty. From the variation of color to the slightly irregular shape, the installation then becomes art.

2. Grout is an important part of the whole. Always test grout colors before installing. Often a dark grout helps color to pop and emphasizes the grid.

3. Ceramic tile is incredibly versatile, especially if color is used to enrich an environment. And remember, the more of a single color you use, the more neutral it becomes.

We love color — from cool green to refreshing blue, romantic pink to regal purple, sunny and cheerful yellow to timeless and classic neutrals. Don’t be afraid to use color. Powder rooms and backsplashes are great places to start your color experiment.

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