While Robert and I would rather have been at the beach, we decided to take an excursion to Hudson, New York, on a rainy Sunday. The town is always a place for inspiration. There are so many interesting objects (and some awful ones as well) that it is like going on a scavenger hunt. While I was not looking for anything in particular, it was fun to simply identify things I liked.

My preference is for shops that have good lighting, and I am not a fan of overstuffed tightly packed ones where it is very hard to see anything. Chris Lehrecke has a wonderful place where he displays the handmade jewelry of Gabriella Kiss and his own furniture collection. In addition to the amazing objects, I noticed, for the first time, the outstanding vintage decorative tin material that clads the walls of his shop. Definitely worth a visit.

Next door is Vince Mulford, a shop I have written about before. It is as large as a ballroom and sparingly assorted. He has a great eye for the big and the unusual; everything is worth a second look. Indeed, I did find a wonderful outdoor serving cart that seemed irresistible for my new patio.

A new shop on the block is Steven McKay, a lighting specialist. The lights are very interesting, from modern to traditional, with many using vintage parts; be sure to take a look.

There are the usual modern shops with really amazing (and sometimes very ordinary–remember the scavenger hunt) chairs, tables, pictures, pottery and objects. The great thing about Hudson is that there are countless shops with a never-ending stock of home goods.

Over the past few years, a number of very good eateries have opened as well. It seems more like an adventure when, in the middle of the afternoon, there is a place to stop for coffee and a cookie. All in all, a great day trip to close out the summer!

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