Gil Schafer is a traditional architect with an affinity for new “old” houses and meticulous restorations. This approach has been informed by childhood homes that resonate with him, particularly a plantation in Georgia lived in for generations by his mother’s family. It was a classical house; dignified, understated and charming, with a well-balanced relationship between the house, its formal gardens and the broader semi-wild landscape that was a large part of the property.

Gil is great at resolving architectural problems while retaining well-loved proportions, details and character. He balances functionality for modern living with comfortable scale, graceful flow and practicality. Gil applies the principles of classicism at the core of his practice to all of his projects.

The bath pictured here is a great example of resolving a difficult architectural floor plan while retaining symmetry. The window wall was the only place for a vanity with doors and drawers, but there was no place of the all-important mirror. By cleverly insetting the vanity between two walls and creating a framework to free float the decorative mirror, Gil was able to apply the classical detailing that defines his interiors. Additionally, the light that flows inward through the large window adds warmth throughout the space.


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