My plan was to have a vacation in Maine this summer, but like many of our summer plans, the season passed all too quickly to make the trip. So I did the next best thing and went to Shelter Island; it feels a bit like Maine but is closer to home. In just three days, we were able to hit many of the East End’s design destinations.

We stayed at The Chequit, an Inn located in village of Shelter Heights. It is a charming old wood structure, lovingly renovated and decorated in a quirky style that is perfectly aligned with the casual, laid-back feeling of the location. Owners Kevin O’Shea and David Bowd of Salt Hotels have captured that wonderful feeling of an old summer hotel where families gathered for generations and the cool thing to do at night was square dance.

But first: the shops. On the way we stopped in Sag Harbor; there are such great shops in this little nautical town, especially home in the furnishings arena. BLOOM has a warm traditional vibe with highly selected and very desirable country furniture, dishes, dog accoutrement and great napkins. While I am not particularly fond of anything pink, I fell in love with the most beautiful pink napkins in the most delicious warm and neutral shade. Their highly curated selection of Astier de Villatte dishes would make even the most mundane food taste great.

On the opposite end of the style spectrum is the modern shop, JaneGeorge. It would be very easy to furnish a complete beach house in this shop alone. Comfortable sofas, soft pillows, crisp white dishes and great accessories all in gray, white and black. How can you go wrong? And stopping at Ruby Beets is always fun. It is a little like Grandma’s attic;  you never know what you will find and it is always worth a look.

Finally, we made our way through massive traffic to the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill. The space is architecturally rigorous yet inviting. The exhibit Unfinished Business showcases paintings from the 1970s and 1980s by Ross Bleckner, David Salle and Eric Fischl, it explores the distinct styles, philosophies and convictions of the three painters. Along with the permanent collections, there is a lot to see and enjoy at the Parrish.

In fact, there is much to see and enjoy in the entire East End. I, for one, will be back.



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